Shutterfly Photo Books App Reviews

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Doesn’t Work

Downloaded the app onto my upated Mac desktop. It doesn’t open when I click on the “Launch Photos” button, nor does it appear in my “Share” menu in the Photos app.

dont waste your time

doesnt even let you upload your photos to Shutterfly

Totally useless

I tried to use this app to create a new photo album. It uploads all of the pics in your current album and then automatically places them on pages. The pictures are all wrong with heads chopped off and there is no way to edit the pictures. A total waste of time. When we someone make a replacement to the Apple Photos album app that you can load only the pictures that you want and be able to edit them as you want and to add comments about the pictures?

Cannot upload photos

I just installed on my iMac but it only lets me do photo books & not individual photos.

ap doesnt work

very frustrating, app doesn’t work, spent tons of time for nothing!!

Fail. Fail. Fail.

“We weren't able to create a project from these memories.” This error is too common…there is no operation I can do that doesn’t get this option. Developer should remove this app from store and produce a working version before publishing. My recommendation: do NOT download/install at this time.

not working app

i just installed the ap on mac hs and doesn’t even allow me to upload the pics. doesn’t move from the front page. im going to try on the website instead. let us know when the program is fixed. Thanks

Doesn’t Work

Here we are the last day of their 50% off sale, and guess what? Yep, this extension does not work. All I get is a blank book no matter which template I attempt to use. Attempting to change the template locks up my Photos app. It’s really a shame too because I really wanted that 12x12 hard cover book at half price. Time to move on to another photo book company.


I went through the process of uploading my photos and sent them in to have shutterfly create the book. I received the preview of the book back and wanted to add pages and photos and move some photos around. Got an error message saying that an error occurred and to try again later. I tried on my Macbook Pro, my iPad Pro, and my iPhone and received the same error. I sent three messages to the support team and received no response. I wanted to make a photo book of my new grand daughter for my son and daughter in law for Christmas. It is probably now too late to get a book for Christmas and I still can’t get the program to work. I should have gone to Costco or Walmart to make the book. Probably would have gotten better results.

Does not work

Similar to other reviews, this app does not work. It hangs when attempting to upload photos, change styles and/or edit a project. I thought this was the solution i was looking for as I have several photo books I want to make form iPhoto. I am running iOS High Sierra. Very disappointing.

This app doesn’t work

You open the app from your bar, you are prompted to launch photos, you launch photos, you select the photos you wish to put into your phonebook, click on create and then click “Shutterfly”, shutterfly then opens and you begin to create a photo book - here’s where the problems start….you want to begin editing and personalizing your photo book so you click personalize which then prompts you to sign in, you sign in and are taken to a blank white page, and that’s where you end. This also happens on the website. I’m going to use a different product becuase I can’t get passed this white page after I log in to my account.

Doesn’t work, breaks the Share extension

Already had the Shutterfly Share extension installed for That works fine on High Sierra. Then installed the Photo Books exetension. I was able to create a new project and add photos to it — the count of photos increases in the project window. But when you click Open Project, it doesn’t do anything — only gives the “Can’t make a project from this Memory” error reported by other users. It also broke the Share extension functionality. I had to delete both and reinstall the Share extension to get it working again. No way to see how the Photo Book extension works when there does not appear to be a way to sign in to Shutterfly through it. There is no documentation about how to use this or what to do if it doesn’t work on Shutterfly’s web site. I would really love to be able to to use this, but...

Absolutley Frustrating

This does not work at all. I selected my photos that I wanted to use and added them to the “photos library”. Unfortunately, when i try to open the project, I get an error that says, "The operation couldn’t be completed. (We weren't able to create a project from those memories. Please try another group. error 1.).” Maybe this app doesn’t work with macos High Sierra??? Totally useless app for anyone on Apple’s new OS. I don’t recommend it… seems pretty good though if it actually worked 😡

not overly helpful

I was excited to see this was now part of mac’s…but you still have to load up your photos with shutterfly. The directions were not clear so perhaps I totally don’t get it. It is a super slow process for me…like hours and hours. I don't understand why there is no seamless way to use this app. I thought this would be the magic bullet to getting myself caught up with the years of backlog of photo printing. No such luck. Still terrible process.

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